Brian Schuyler

Brian is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University's Civil Engineering and Structural Design Program [B.S. CE '94]. 


Work Experience

  • The J.R. Tuttle Co.  Project Manager 97-04
  • Carnes Construction Co. Project Manager 95-97

Bill Fetzer

Bill is a 1994 graduate of Penn State's Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Management Program [B.S. CE '94]. While completing his studies, he was given the opportunity to experience first-hand the physical working conditions of a general laborer in Tucson during the summer of 1993. Bill decided then to one day make his home in Tucson with a goal of owning his own construction company. Since moving to the desert southwest in 1995, Bill has worked for several well respected contractors and manufacturers, honing his project management, leadership, and general business skills across multiple industries. Bill successfully completed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and has an MBA from the University of Phoenix

Michael Cox